Welcome to the home of The Get Along Guide Video Bible Study course!

Here you’ll find a 20-video companion to the book, hosted by the author herself, Danielle Macaulay – all designed to help you or your group get even more out of this study!

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This video Bible Study is designed as a companion to “The Get Along Guide”.  The easiest way for you to get your copy (or copies) is at Amazon here.

Once you do, grab your Bible, a pen and jump into this video course! It works great solo , and even better as a part of a group study!

What others have said ...

woman 1

“This brought so much peace and healing to my life! God used Danielle and the wisdom in this book to order my steps and give me peace. I’m confident it will do the same for you!”

Jenna T.
woman 3

“I was so encouraged to find out I’m not the only one who deals with these feelings! This book should be read by all women, young and old!”

Carol S.
woman 4

“As I worked through this study, truth was revealed to me. I was humbled and reminded not to cast judgement on other moms. We all have our own journey to work out.”

woman 2

“God convicted me though this study on my issues with my mother-in-law. This helped me forgive, and gave me scripture and strategies for moving forward.”

michelle C.

Beyond the Guide...

The only book you need to go along with this video companion course is “The Get Along Guide” available here.

However, the book “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!” (available here) or the audio book version (available here)  is it’s intended companion and will make your experience even better!

In them, Danielle takes you on a real and raw journey through her own painful struggles with relationship spoilers and invites you to the same offramp she found – as well as the onramp to the healing and wholeness she has experienced. 

We CAN All Get Along!